eastern women

Slavic women are genuinely beautiful. At least eastern women, that’s what they hear all the time. They do realize they are beautiful and sexy. They like to make themselves beautiful and enjoy every minute of it. «Beauty will save the world» said Dostoïevski, a master of Russian classic literature. The secret of this special beauty lies in the wild mix of the East and the West. For thousands of years, many different peoples have lived in and roamed the territory of today’s Russia — the Proto-Indo-Europeans, Slavs, Scandinavians, Mongol-Tatars, Germanic peoples, and many others. Even today, there are more than 100 official nationalities in Russia, and 27 languages are considered official languages. All this mix has boiled in Slavic countries for centuries kazakh women, and here is the result, a lovely combination of the East and the West: high cheekbones and round face, softness of lines, light skin, green or blue or gray eyes, and light or dark brown hair. Also did you know that the most beautiful Russian brides are in Samara, thanks the the Empress Catherine II, read this amazing story. Slavic women often have an «hourglass», or a «pear» body shape, a sign of high level of oestrogen, a female hormone. This gives them an extreme femininity and, consequently, makes them very feminine and attractive to men. While Western women often accuse Russian women of poor taste when it comes to fashion, the latter keep and cherish their love for bright coloured clothes. Their passion for colours, gold, silver and gems is most likely the legacy of the East, and might never be fully understood by Westerners. Another essential part of the wardrobe of Slavic women, which is also likely to never be accepted and understood in the West, is fur, much appreciated by them https://www.cqmi.ca, which is simply due to the weather conditions in most parts of their countries. Winters are so freezing cold in Russia that warm clothes are essential.